Tuesday, 3 July 2012



It's beginning to look like the proposed takeover at my beloved Nottingham Forest is going to go ahead. It is being widely reported that "Mega Rich" Fawaz Al-Hasawi is reported to be about to close the deal to take control of the club, let us hope for 2 things;

1) That the stories are true and the takeover is imminent as a new owner with funds to invest is vital to the clubs survival.

2) That Fawaz Al-Hasawi is as is claimed in some quarters of the press "Mega Rich" & is not another Venky (Blackburn) or a Nathan / Peter Willett (Notts County 2009).

This will not be a quick fix and shouldn't be, this needs to be a medium term project which would see Forest consolidate our position in the coming season & then push for promotion to the premier league in 2013/14.

We all want the Glory days back, I started as a supporter in 1977, before the glory days, I was 7 years old & it was a great time to be a Forest fan, a League Title, 2 European Cups & 2 League cups (When the competition still meant something) followed in quick succession, we were a solid 1st division side, at worst mid table but always able to compete.

Then came SKY, The Premier League & Money, problem was we had none & it soon became our undoing, clubs were no longer competing on a level playing field, even powerhouses like Liverpool, Everton, Spurs & Leeds couldn't compete, it became a rich mans game / passtime.

Jack Walker had Blackburn & they were the first to just buy the League title.
Roman Abramovich did the same at Chelsea twice, albeit with a very good manager.
Man Utd were the richest club in the world with a great academy & huge support around the world.
But the carry on at Manchester City has left all the others in the shade, it's hard to begrudge the success to their long suffering fans (even longer than us) but this is not sport, or maybe it is but just not as us older fans know it.
Arsenal were the only notable exception to the above rule but have failed miserably in recent seasons to repeat these successes.

Would I like us to win a league title the same way City did this season & probably will next? NO I genuinely would not, but I would love to see us back in the top half of the Premier League, challenging for a Champions League place, maybe even an FA Cup win for Cloughie, now that would be something, see I'm not that greedy.

SO COME ON YOUUUUUU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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