Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Seemingly the unelected EU Technocrats are insisting the EU Flag be flown at all major events throughout the EU. This has a familiar ring to it, so perhaps a familiar symbol should be added, how about this hanging outside your house? Its on the way folks.

Will we soon have to address Merkel as Fuhrer & Sarkozy as Emperor? They have certainly managed to achieve control of the whole of the EU without even having to fire one shot, something Hitler & Napoleon failed at. Governments of countries in the Eurozone are now at the mercy of these two leaders, if they speak out against them, the markets will immediately react and their leaders must go to be replaced by an unelected EU Technocrat puppet. Just watch what will happen in Greece & Italy over the next few months, the EU will impose serious austerity on the people & as the people implementing it in these countries are unelected they will never have to face the consequences of their actions at the polling booths.

The Irish Government would have been removed too only they bent over immediately and agreed to implement all and every measure dictated to them by the troika, just watch what happens if this government looks like its losing control & support from the public. there is no way the EU Technocrats will permit an election in this country if it is likely Euro Sceptics or Sinn Fein have a chance of seizing power, we too will have an unelected EU technocrat appointed who will appoint a government without an election.

Now I'm off for a smoke in my car, while it is still allowed.

Monday, 14 November 2011