Tuesday, 29 November 2011

EU Dictatorship is underway

November 2011.

As our pathetic Government waits to get it's budget back, signed off by Frau Merkel, The EU & The German Parliament etc., to allow them release it to Irish politicians & announce it to the Irish public, what else has been going on in Furher Merkels ever increasing patch.

  1. We have seen the new Spanish Leader, Mariano Rajoy immediately called to head office to collect his instructions from Frau Merkel.
  2. Italy have had an unelected Tecnocrat appointed as their new leader & he has appointed a whole cabinet of unelecetd ministers, without any reference to the Italian people, in fact Van Rompuy rocked into town & said "Now is not the time for elections it's the time for action."
  3. Greece had it's elected leader removed when he dared mention the word Referendum & he was replaced by a former ECB banker again unelected.

As we all know Belgium has no Government to speak of & has been under the complete control of the EU / Germany for many years.

So who's next to have their Government removed, to have their democracy, sovereignty & people trampled on?

All to preserve a dead currency & the dreams & the greed of a few Politicians, Unelected Power Hungry Technocrats & Bankers.

Nigel says it best, every country needs a Nigel, ours needs several.

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