Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's About The Innocent Civilians - Bollox it is.

On 19/03/2011 Libyan National Oil Corp. chairman Shukri Ghanim said. "Libya may award contracts to China, India & other friendly nations http://in.reuters.com/article/2011/03/19/idINIndia-55716920110319

Immediately the UN at the behest of France & Britain become worried about the civilians that Gadaffi has been murdering & persecuting for years & they are In like Flynn with the old Air Strikes.

It has also been widely reported that Gadaffi said earlier this month, that Germany was the only Western power that had any chance of doing business with Libyan oil in the future. Guess which Western power opposed the Air Strikes & refused to have any part in them?

What's going on in Libya is not a peaceful protest, it is an armed uprising / civil war & while I have no time for Gadaffi I don't really have much care or interest in the other side here either, as the past has taught us, all that will happen is one Dictator will be replaced by another one, often a lot worse than the one he replaced.

If The UN & by that I mean Britain, France & America cared even a little bit about innocent civilians being shot and killed they would be focusing on Yemen & Bahrain where innocent unarmed protestors are being attacked & killed, right at this very moment, but as there is no oil, there is no interest.

The UN stood by and watched as Bahrain's rulers murdered unarmed protestors & then watched Saudi troops roll into town to help suppress the peaceful protests with even more force, but that's ok because the Saudi's have never funded terrorism or oppressed anyone & have always viewed as paramount the rights of their own citizens, just ask any of their modern leaning women or homosexuals.


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