Thursday, 18 February 2010

Minister for Defence (His own, not the Country's)

Willie O'Dea is a solicitor, he is the Minister for Defence, (Defending himself) a former Minister of State in the Dept of Justice (at times he even held the reins of this Dept when the Minister was away), yet despite all this he can have a memory lapse, swear an affidavit knowing the content to be false & then laugh at the opposition & still keep his position.

FF forced Eamon Ryan to come out and support the little bollox today, Ryan said the people wanted the government to create jobs & not to concentrate on this.

Well two things Ryan;
1) I'm a member of the people and I want the little fucker sacked and bounced out of politics & I want the Government, the opposition & the fucking senate if necessary to concentrate on it.
2) You should have a word with Coughlan re creating the jobs etc as she seems to be oblivious to this element of her own brief, as she has displayed and continues to display in the handling of the Ryanair business.

No Govt Minister makes a mistake / error like this in an affidavitt, much less one who is also a solicitor unless he knew he could and would get away with it if he was found out.

Cowen will back O'Dea because he is FF's Rottweiler or Jack Russell, they wheel him out everytime they are in the shit & he faces down all without flinching.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

IQ Tests

I recently completed an IQ test, see attached link opposite, in my life so far I have completed 3 of these tests two official and this one, My IQ is one of 135, 142 or 144.

I read & have been told that an IQ of 145 & over is in the genius bracket, Einstein for example had an IQ of 160+.

So at 144 I'm not a genius, I'm just gifted, still it's nice to be gifted, better than severely challenged which is what I suspect our tanaiste Coughlan would read.

Sack The Gimp

Willie O'Dea misleads the High Court & then laughs at the opposition in the Dail, he is backed by the Taoiseach & the Greens say the matter was dealt with to the satisfaction of the court, how far removed from reality and propriety can a government be.

Fine Gael are to table a motion of no confidence in O'Dea next week it's unlikely to achieve anything but at least his actions are being highlighted. He should have been sacked the day he appeared on the front pages holding a gun but nobody in this Government, (Fianna Fail TD's) will ever be held accountable for their actions.

On the same day our esteemed tanaiste does her best to piss away another 300 jobs . It just gets better & better, it's very hard to like or even respect O'Leary sometimes, but what he does is for the benefit of Ryanair and it's shareholders & looking after their interests is his job & he is very fucking good at it. Whereas Coughlan & FF are not.