Monday, 15 November 2010


I'm beginning to believe that Fianna Fail are intentionally wrecking this country at the behest of their EU Overlords, my reasoning on this stems from the fact that if its not intentional then it is the worst case of incompetence & treason ever visited on a country by it's Govt.. It seems their only duty is to ensure that the German & French banks are looked after regardless of the cost to Ireland & its citizans.

Our new Leaders do not sit in Dublin but reside in Brussels, Paris & Berlin, we have been dragged back to the days of absentee landlords & serfdom, this time the houses may be our own, but for how long? We will soon be taxed for the privilage of living in the overpriced, undervalued, negative equity homes we're struggling to pay for, because our Govt chose bondholders over stakeholders & destroyed the economy, the country & all our futures.

Bertie Ahern, Mary Harney & Fianna Fail have done more harm to Ireland & its standing & reputation abroad than the IRA did at the height of their murdering campaign, even Cromwell & the Black n' Tans caused less devastation. Lenihan & Cowen are putting together a 4 year plan, knowing full well they wont be around to implement any of it's measures, therefore hang tying the next Govt., before they even get in.

This Country needs a new Government for sure but mostly what it needs is new & effective leadership; however the only place I can see that coming from is Brussels.

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