Wednesday, 25 November 2009


"Social and Family Affairs Minister Mary Hanafin has said anyone who chose to shop north of the border today should reflect on the damage they are doing to the economy. Ms Hanafin said she understood that everyone was currently seeking the best value when doing their shopping but people should think of the consequences when deciding where to go".

It's not often that I find myself agreeing with anyone from Fianna Fail, but the public sector cunts who fucked off for the day to shop in NI, instead of working or even standing on a picket line really piss me off. There was a big headline that hundreds of teachers marched on the Dept of Education, where were the thousands of teachers not at the dept? They weren't outside the schools, they were either on the way to Newry or were in bed, the CUNTS.

These fuckers are striking becaues they don't want a further pay cut (Lets face it no-one wants a pay cut) & they want the tax payer in the private sector to pay more taxes to sustain their wages, while more of them travelled North to spend their pay than actually took part in the pickets or marches.

Those that travelled North today, made the choice not to support the economy, (The private sector) that they insist should continue to support & pay them an enormous amount each year for fuck all productivity.
Obviously the Public Servants (shoppers) didn't get all they wanted on the first run. They'll probably have another strike to coincide with the NI sales after Christmas.

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