Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Colm Doherty - New MD at A.I.B.

Colm Doherty was the head of AIB Capital Markets whose stockbroking wing Goodbodys purposefully & illegally traded in its own AIB shares through companies based in the Caribbean and South Sea islands as per the evidence given by Eugene McErlean (Former group Internal Auditor) to an Oireachtas Committee on Economic Regulatory Affairs hearing earlier this year.

This was the second time in recent years that a former AIB staff member had noted that AIB had traded its own shares through suspect territories such as Nevis and Vanuatu.

It is worth noting that while Vanuatu is a tax haven and dealings with it are frowned upon, Nevis is strictly on the banned list, it is completely black listed & the only reason anyone would trade through there would be to cover up illegality.

I'm not saying Doherty was involved but he was there & these are the types of dealings that have put this Country in the fucking mess we're in.

Now instead of worrying about what AIB were going to pay this guy, Lenihan should have been saying No fucking way to his appointment, he says they couldn't find an outsider so they had to appoint from within. Not from within the dodgiest department / wing of their business they didn't.

Again the banks whistle and FF wag's its tail, the difference in his salary will be made up in perks & bonuses.

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