Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cheating doesn't pay, unless you're French

Platini & Blatter discuss the tragedy of France's qualification for South Africa, under such controversial circumstances.

"Fuck em Sepp, they're only minnows, Henry had to cheat, it's great for the sport & the tournament, did you see Liam Lawerences hair for fuck sake."

"I agree Michel, thank fuck the ref didn't see it, there will be a lot of shouting over this but we'll just say the Ref's decision is final & if we have to we'll hang him out to dry"

"Great, sorted then, just make sure there are no fucking offers of replays or any shit like that Sepp & I'll make sure Henry shuts up about it, maybe make a statement that it was an accidental handball & that cheating doesn't pay etc., to pacify the fucking Kids Brigade."

"Right so, see ya later, got to try and find a way of rigging the seedings to keep the USA & some of the Asians in the tournament past the group stages, last 16 will do."

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