Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The 1980's - We could Emigrate when things were Shit.

I once many years ago tricked my flatmates into thinking they had overslept, I had been working nights and arrived home to our flat in Tottenham at 6am. I turned off the alarm clock of the one that needed to get up earliest and moved the time on 2 hours on the other guys, I then changed the time on their watches, my clock and on the video.

I went to bed and listened, at 8am ( really 6) G's alarm went off, this woke F who immediately flew into a panic, as he was due in work at 8.30, I could hear him begging G to drive him to work, we lived in Tottenham at the time and F worked in Mill Hill East so it was a bit of a hike. It became really funny (and I really should have stepped in) when G charged him £20 to drive him & F actually agreed and paid. He got to work on time all right, a full 90 mins early in fact.

How we laughed at that one, well me and G did anyway, the year was 1989 and £ 20 was a lot of money then, it's becoming a lot of money now too.

I remember this incident as it happened on the night / morning the Berlin wall came down & thought of it today while reading about the student demonstration that led to fall of communism in Czechoslovakia, 20 years ago today. Funny the shit you remember..

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