Friday, 11 January 2008

John Waters - What a Cunt !!!!!!!!!

It seems that 'Giant' of a human being 'John Waters' has been on the radio complaining about the internet being full of satanism and pornography while also expounding his dislike of bloggers and blogging.

This is from a man who wrote a eurovision song (Reason enough to hate him) that received less that ZERO points if that's possible and also featured on some reality TV skating shit bollox of a programme (For Charity).

This is the same proper journalist who cried when Katie French (God rest her) died because she was 'his daughter' - he didn't claim the two chaps John Grey and Kevin Doyle as 'his sons' though did he, WHAT A CUNT indeed.

Now it seems 'Captain Cunt' himself is launching his own website (Blogging by a different name really), can't wait for this one, check it out for a laugh .

He claimed on the radio that 80% of the internet is taken up with Satanism and Pornography, he didn't say what percentage of it was taken up with SHIT but by launching his own site he is doing his best to increase the figure. CUNT !


Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Race For The White House - 2.

I've decided that I am against both Hillary Clinton & Rudy Giuliani.

Hillary: She is just too old, If America is going to elect a woman president then it should be one that's still able to concieve naturally. She also had her shot at the presidency for 8 years when Bill had it (& everything else), a change is required and she just aint it.

Rudy: 9/11 saved his (& George Bush's) ass, if it hadn't happened he wouldn't even be in the race (& GB wouldn't be in the White House), his popularity had slumped even in NY, then a couple of planes hit a couple of buildings and a few thousand people die and yipee we're off again. How many wifes are we on now, not exactly a great example is he, in a country that prides itself on the family etc. certainly wont be a favourite with the voters in the mid-west. So it's a no to you too.

Bertiegate - It still drags on & on & on.

How's it going there Bertie, show us your Tax Clearance Cert, oh that's right you can't because you don't have one, you LIED about that too didn't you.

I'm fully Tax complient you said, all tax liability was settled you said, pity the Revenue are like the rest of us with a brain WE DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU.

Monday, 7 January 2008

The Race For The White House - 1.

The primaries are now in full swing, and each candidate and his / her team are doing all they can to get themselves noticed in as positive a manner as possible in the hope of securing the nomination.

How about my early Tip of Barack Obama & John Edwards, not likely I know but a good little outside bet I think.

I read somewhere that it costs the American voter approx $10 each to support the presidency through its full term of four years, thats $2.5 per year or less than 5c each per week. So you pretty much get what you pay for.

2 Pints cost more than $10 in my local so on a good night I would drink the guts of 4-5 presidencies.

No wonder it’s 20 years this year since someone other than a Bush or a fucking Clinton was running the most powerful nation on earth.

If Hillary gets elected we are looking at quarter of a century with just two families in the White House and before them 8 years of fucking Reagan with Bush snr as his vice president.

Obama says he is about change, most Americans are too fat to change their shoes let alone their politics so the little non-white boy will have to work very hard just to get them off their arses to vote, especially for him.