Thursday, 17 January 2008


Fianna Fail TD Mary O'Rourke accused Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny of "treason" for criticising Mr Ahern while he was abroad. Ms O'Rourke described Mr Kenny's actions as "betraying an alarming lack of patriotism".

Poor Fianna Fail and poor Bertie, there he is in Africa flying the flag and batting for Ireland and no-one gives a shit, all they want to talk about is his tax affairs and whether or not he is Tax Compliant.

Enda Kenny is no fool he and his collegues in Fine Gael and Labour knew the best time to launch an all out offensive against Bertie, was while he was away on a jolly (Under the pretence of) fostering trade links in Tanzania & South Africa.

The Fianna Fail party as any government party would, expected to see their leader being lauded on our news reports as the Statesman abroad, representing his country in a professional manner bringing credit to himself and the party for his efforts.

Instead we have seen him walking through townships, cities and parliment buildings dodging questions re his dodgy finances and tax situation. Ryanair are even taking the piss out of his tax situation in one of their ads. His position is rapidly becoming untenable, it has already become a farce and a joke.

On Monday 14/01/08 Bertie Ahern announced €5m in Irish Aid funding for the Niall Mellon Township Trust (A truly worthwhile cause).

On wednesday 16/01/08 Bertie Ahern met political leaders in Tanzania and pledged €170m in direct aid for the country (Again a worthwhile cause).

HSE report on Monday 14/01/08: 16 hospitals accross the country are having their budgets cut, € 10 million in total is being cut from their budgets, with Tallaght hospital facing the largest cut of approx € 2 million. This is in line with the HSE's policy of rewarding and punishing hospitals for their efficiency.

We can afford to build houses in South Africa and fund projects in Tanzania but cannot afford healthcare for our own people. The logic baffles me, if Tallaght hospital was deemed to be inefficient this year, how will reducing their budget help ? CUNTS.

The strategy of cutting hospital budgets was obviously thought up by the same people behind the idea of situating the National Childrens Hospital at the Mater and the idea of centralising cancer treatment in MRSA riddled shitholes like Beaumont and St. James. Of course all this was approved by our own obesity crisis of a Health Minister Mary Harney.

Who is more guilty Enda Kenny and his collegues or Bertie and his ???
Who has brought more embarrassment and shame on our country ???

I like and respect Mary O'Rourke and her family (The Lenihans) but surely Mary (no matter how loyal you are) you can see Bertie has become a complete liability to Fianna Fail and a complete embarrassment to this country. It is he who is guilty of Treason.


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