Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Race For The White House - 2.

I've decided that I am against both Hillary Clinton & Rudy Giuliani.

Hillary: She is just too old, If America is going to elect a woman president then it should be one that's still able to concieve naturally. She also had her shot at the presidency for 8 years when Bill had it (& everything else), a change is required and she just aint it.

Rudy: 9/11 saved his (& George Bush's) ass, if it hadn't happened he wouldn't even be in the race (& GB wouldn't be in the White House), his popularity had slumped even in NY, then a couple of planes hit a couple of buildings and a few thousand people die and yipee we're off again. How many wifes are we on now, not exactly a great example is he, in a country that prides itself on the family etc. certainly wont be a favourite with the voters in the mid-west. So it's a no to you too.

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