Monday, 7 January 2008

The Race For The White House - 1.

The primaries are now in full swing, and each candidate and his / her team are doing all they can to get themselves noticed in as positive a manner as possible in the hope of securing the nomination.

How about my early Tip of Barack Obama & John Edwards, not likely I know but a good little outside bet I think.

I read somewhere that it costs the American voter approx $10 each to support the presidency through its full term of four years, thats $2.5 per year or less than 5c each per week. So you pretty much get what you pay for.

2 Pints cost more than $10 in my local so on a good night I would drink the guts of 4-5 presidencies.

No wonder it’s 20 years this year since someone other than a Bush or a fucking Clinton was running the most powerful nation on earth.

If Hillary gets elected we are looking at quarter of a century with just two families in the White House and before them 8 years of fucking Reagan with Bush snr as his vice president.

Obama says he is about change, most Americans are too fat to change their shoes let alone their politics so the little non-white boy will have to work very hard just to get them off their arses to vote, especially for him.

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