Friday, 11 January 2008

John Waters - What a Cunt !!!!!!!!!

It seems that 'Giant' of a human being 'John Waters' has been on the radio complaining about the internet being full of satanism and pornography while also expounding his dislike of bloggers and blogging.

This is from a man who wrote a eurovision song (Reason enough to hate him) that received less that ZERO points if that's possible and also featured on some reality TV skating shit bollox of a programme (For Charity).

This is the same proper journalist who cried when Katie French (God rest her) died because she was 'his daughter' - he didn't claim the two chaps John Grey and Kevin Doyle as 'his sons' though did he, WHAT A CUNT indeed.

Now it seems 'Captain Cunt' himself is launching his own website (Blogging by a different name really), can't wait for this one, check it out for a laugh .

He claimed on the radio that 80% of the internet is taken up with Satanism and Pornography, he didn't say what percentage of it was taken up with SHIT but by launching his own site he is doing his best to increase the figure. CUNT !


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