Thursday, 3 January 2008

Pakistan - Should we care ??

Pakistani soldiers in a city market in Karachi, Pakistan.

Islam - what a wonderful way to live and raise children.

It's no wonder Pakistan is still a "Third World Country," I know it's now politically correct to call them "Developing Countries", but in Pakistans case all they seem to be developing is HATRED & VIOLENCE.

An article in TIME magazine asks "Why Pakistan Matters ?", and my answer to this would be:

  1. They have Nuclear Weapons and we in the West cannot afford to let the Fundamentalists or Islamists gain power no matter what the cost.
  2. Pakistan is the worlds largest breeding ground for Islamists, Islamic Fundamentalists, al-Qaeda-linked Islamic extremists & Suicide bombers.
  3. The Border area with Afghanistan, which is lawless and under the control of the extremists, the Taliban, their supporters and sympathisers.

Benazir Bhutto & Pervez Musharraf, sharing power was the dream ticket for the West and probably for Musharraf aswell as in reality he had little hope of defeating Her in an open election and having the result accepted by his opponents.

Her supporters have now turned on Musharraf instead of the more likely suspects al-Qaeda in their quest for revenge following her murder, leading to the elections being put back to February. This I'm sure Musharraf hopes will allow time for the unrest to calm and will reduce the amount of sympathy votes Bhutto's party are likely to receive, it may work out like this but I'm not convinced.

I worry that the delays and the unrest may lead to another military coup as one or more of Musharraf's more militant and extremist Generals decides now is the right time to sieze power in the name of Islam.

The West and the Bush administration cannot allow this to happen, we cannot have an Islamist in control of an arsenal of Nuclear Weapons next door to neighbours they hate, who also have Nuclear Weapons (INDIA).

Stability is already in short supply in this region but at least Musharraf has some contact and communication with his neighbours and the West and this however little must be preserved and supported, by force if necessary.

Musharraf keeping power by winning a democratic and fairly run election is the ideal outcome for the West as this would reduce the chances of a successful coup being mounted by his opponents and would also remove support for al-Qaeda & the Islamists and their excuse to launch attacks against the new government and the West.

No matter what the eventual outcome, the region and we in the West are in for a bumpy and scary ride over the next few months ..

Now - What's going on in IRAN ??

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