Thursday, 31 January 2008

Did I Say That ? - eh - What Did I Say ???/

“It is not correct — if I said so I wasn’t correct. I can’t recall if I did say it. But I did not say, or if I did say it, I didn’t mean to say it, that these issues could not be dealt with until the end of the Mahon Tribunal.”

One day his tax affairs cannot be dealt with until he has finished (lying to) giving evidence to the Mahon tribunal.

A few weeks later and all this changes, apparently the revenue can deal with his tax situation prior to the Mahon tribunal finishing with the slimey little fucker.

Another shit storm has blown up today re Bertie helping Manchester businessman Norman Turner, obtain an Irish passport in 1994.

Of course Bertie claims he did nothing wrong here, he states that under our CONSTITUTION and under the LAW OF THE STATE Mr. Turner was entitled to an Irish passport because his mother was an Irish citizen. the fact that Mr Turner made a fianancial donation of $ 10K to Fianna Fail had nothing to do with it.

Phil Hogan the Fine Gael environment spokesman said today "The timing of the issue of the passport is significant given what we now know about financial transactions involving Mr Ahern and his associates during 1994."

Mr Hogan also stated that Des Richardson, was given $10,000 by Mr Turner in 1994 and on the 8th August, 1994, the day before the passport was issued, Mr Ahern lodged £20,000 into the bank from what he has described as savings of £50,000.

I'm not an expert but this always seemed a little dodgy to me (Where did you get the € 20K ? "eh well you see I had it in a safe with € 30K more, yeah that's it € 50K, yeah in the safe, no banks no just the owl safe, for me kids ya know, their education and stuff, promised Miriam I did yeah.") But the timing was I'm (NOT) sure coincidental.

Of course there was also nothing wrong with Bertie and Dessie attending matches at Old Trafford as guests of Mr. Turner around the same time as the passport application and talks on the proposed casino development in the Pheonix Park were underway.

Reference the Irish Times the following is a list of transactions that the Mahon Tribunal are investigating re bank accounts operated by Bertie Ahearn.

" These include a loan of £19,115.97 taken out by Mr Ahern on December 24th, 1993; a lodgement of £22,500 made to a special savings account on December 30th; a lodgement of £27,164.44 to the same special savings account on April 25th, 1994; a lodgement of £2,835.56 made to a current account on the same day; a lodgement of £20,000 to an account in the name of Mr Ahern's daughters on August 8th, 1994; and a lodgement of £24,838.49 made to Mr Ahern's account on October 11th, 1994."

It's just staggering how much there is and the The tribunal says the transactions in question are largely undocumented.

How is this man still Taoiseach ? What sort of a government have we that would tolerate this sort of crap and still accept and defend this man as their leader ? The answer to both questions is of course the same 'Fianna Fail', the party and its members are so used to dodgy dealings and corruption (De-Valera, Charles Haughey, Ray Burke, P Flynn, Liam Lawler & Bertie to name the high profile ones only, never mind the scores of dodgy councillors in North Dublin and beyond) that they accept it and some even glory in it.

Only when public opinion turns against Fiaanna Fail and Bertie's satisfaction rating plummets will anyone in that party lead a revolt and then as we have seen in the past with Jack Lynch, Haughey and Reynolds it will be swift and bloody.

If I have to wait 10 more years to see someone nail you I will happily do so, YOU SLIMEY LITTLE CUNT.


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bertie's getting a little upset I think.

Poor old Bertie is getting a little upset with people asking him about his Tax Affairs and whether he has a Tax Clearance Cert or not.

He accused Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny of telling lies yesterday while on his jollies in Cape Town.

As Eamonn Gilmore said at the weekend Bertie it wont be long now until Fianna Fail shafts you, because you are making them all look bad and it's becoming harder for them to back you as leader and Taoiseach and retain credibility with the electorate.

Do us all a favour and GO now.


Friday, 11 January 2008

John Waters - What a Cunt !!!!!!!!!

It seems that 'Giant' of a human being 'John Waters' has been on the radio complaining about the internet being full of satanism and pornography while also expounding his dislike of bloggers and blogging.

This is from a man who wrote a eurovision song (Reason enough to hate him) that received less that ZERO points if that's possible and also featured on some reality TV skating shit bollox of a programme (For Charity).

This is the same proper journalist who cried when Katie French (God rest her) died because she was 'his daughter' - he didn't claim the two chaps John Grey and Kevin Doyle as 'his sons' though did he, WHAT A CUNT indeed.

Now it seems 'Captain Cunt' himself is launching his own website (Blogging by a different name really), can't wait for this one, check it out for a laugh .

He claimed on the radio that 80% of the internet is taken up with Satanism and Pornography, he didn't say what percentage of it was taken up with SHIT but by launching his own site he is doing his best to increase the figure. CUNT !


Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bertiegate - It still drags on & on & on.

How's it going there Bertie, show us your Tax Clearance Cert, oh that's right you can't because you don't have one, you LIED about that too didn't you.

I'm fully Tax complient you said, all tax liability was settled you said, pity the Revenue are like the rest of us with a brain WE DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU.

Thursday, 3 January 2008


"The National Roads Authority has asked drivers to be patient as roadworks continue on the M50" or so said the NRA's Director of Communications, Sean O'Neill, while speaking on RTE radio today.