Thursday, 20 December 2007


"The Court of Criminal Appeal has ruled that a Central Criminal Court judge Justice Paul Carney erred in principle when he imposed a non-custodial sentence on a man found guilty of raping a mother of three in her own home in 2005. Adam Keane from Barnageeha in Daragh, Co Clare, had his sentence increased from three to ten years today following an appeal from the DPP. The appeal court said that the appeal of the leniency of the sentence by the DPP was well founded."

Adam Keane was initially handed down a three-year suspended sentence, but after flickin a cigarette at his victim on the way home from court his sentence of 3 years was activated.

Thankfully there is some good news & some common sense left in the world, I hope this prick (Adam Keane) rots, and I hope he is passed around the cells as a fucking bitch for the next 10 years of his dirtbag life CUNT..

I wish Mary Shannon well, she was a very brave woman to waive her right to anonymity & I hope yesterdays judgement brings her and her family some comfort & will help her as she tries to rebuild her life after this horrific ordeal.

I also hope Justice Paul Carney has learned something from this whole experience, and will take into account the effect crimes like this have on victims and their families the next time he presides over a case like this.

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