Saturday, 22 December 2007

Berties Fucked ! The Tribunal's gonna get him

Bertie is finished, he has finally come up against people with an education who aint going to fall for his poor mouth working class background bullshit.

He has been forced to face the questions of the Tribunals lawyers without the help of his team of spin doctors, the spin has broken down, the veneer is fading and the slimey little cunt is being shown up for what he is.

The lies are coming thick and fast and eventually he will trip himself up as all liars do, he cannot explain to the satisfaction of the tribunal where the money came from, why he had no bank account, why he required a dig out when he had € 50K in savings, where he got the € 50K in the first place, why he took out a loan one day and deposited roughly the same amount a couple of days later, how he got a loan from the AIB in the first place without a bank account, whether money he received was a loan or a political donation ... It's now out of control.

If this was the leader of any other party we were talking about, he would be gone by now, Fianna Fail however don't seem to care that they have a prized Cunt as a leader. Then again he is from an era in Fianna Fail when they were all CUNTS - C Haughey, R Burke, L Lawlor & P Flynn to name but a few.
He will be gone soon, surely nothing or no-one could save the slimey little fucker now.

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